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Montgomery College
Retail Operations Refund Policy

• No refunds will be made without an original receipt.

• All Text and Merchandise, including rentals, must be returned to the store from which it was purchased in its original, unopened condition.

• Textbook Refunds:

During the semester, textbooks can be returned within two (2) days of the purchase date with the original cash register receipt.  Textbooks purchased one business week before, during, or one week following midterms and finals are not refundable.

No textbook refunds will be given after the first week of fall and spring semester. Textbooks must be returned within the first three (3) days of winter/summer semesters and/or sessions that start at non-traditional times of the year.


• Non-Text Refunds:

Non-text refunds will be issued for seven (7) days from the purchase date.  No refunds will be given on food, sale items, study aids, magazines, software, calculators, special orders and all electronics.

Exceptions may be made for dropped courses and withdrawals.

• Purchases/Rentals:

     • Textbooks should be purchased on the campus where the course is taught. 

     • A government issued photo ID will be required for purchases made by check or credit card.

     • There is a $25 fee for all returned checks.

     • Refunds for purchases will be issued in the same manner as the purchase was made.

     • Check refunds are subject to a clearance period of ten (10) business days following the original transaction.

Please contact the MC Books & More staff if you have any questions or concerns.

MC Books & More:  The Official Bookstore of Montgomery College, Maryland
The Official Bookstore of Montgomery College, Maryland

Main Phone: 240-567-5302



Purchases made at Montgomery College help support our institution as all proceeds from our Retail Operations are returned to the College.

MC Books & More, Cafritz Art Store & More, MC Copies & More, and MC Munchies & More
are owned and operated by Montgomery College through the Office of Auxiliary Services
for the benefit of our campus community.
Thank you for your support!

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